This is to my guys of the 2020 season.

At the beginning of the season during winter series, I want to say I have learned something really important that day. It was a rough start to the day with a couple losses but we managed to work together and nail down what needed to be done (this includes both players and pit). Everyone who was there as pit worked so hard to get everyone ready to go and the players did what I always knew they were able to do. To Ben, Kyle, Karter, Eric, you guys pulled through the games and killed it in the end. To Chris, who kept the team on schedule for their games; The constant on point time keeping and reminders. To Daniel, the trusted air guy, hauling markers at a time to get them filled. To Matthew, the all day pod runner, never short of pods....ever. To Silas, who kept those pods filled. To Kayla, who always knows where everything is when we need it; You only need to say "Man, I'm thirsty" and she will hand you a drink. To Ferdinand, who was ready as a spare to play, and was also always ready at the gate rounding up all players. What I learned that day was that the pit is just as important as the players. Clockwork in the pits = Clockwork on the field.

Even though Covid hit and no one knew what the paintball season would look like, I would like to thank all my guys for sticking around and continuing on with the season when it did slowly start back up. Karter, I would like to thank you for taking the time in putting together all those practices for all of our guys to go to and finding those extra players to fill in our rosters, even during the middle of a pandemic. You kept the team going and even managed to get everyone out to practices (even on time by calculating everyone's tardiness).

To my D5s, you guys have always been skilled players, but what I was most proud of was that you guys have learned to work as team and fill in for each other on the field. You guys aren't playing for your own kills but instead, you are talking to each other about what needs to get done together, perfectly balancing each other out. The best part is, I've have seen each one of you guys carry out a point as last man (or two) on the field, and you guys would play the shit out of that point perfectly. Need to make it look like we know what we doing? No problem, Jake will make it look good in snake. Christian or Eric with no paint? No problem, they relay and someone will watch their cross. Centre players dying? No problem, Karter will move from his comfortable bunker and put in some work. Need some communication relayed down the field because no ones left but a teammate? Ben has your back with his mega phone voice. Need at least 3 opponents stabbed quickly? Kyles got you and he will keep going till everyone's cleared. Oh no, Daniel is the only one left against 4 opponents? No need to towel, he will suddenly have an instant skill mode and will win the point for you. Need someone to pull off any moves even in 28 secs? Ferdinand's got moves. Need a team that can count to 5? Nope, apparently my guys can do anything but count to 5. But did they learn their mistake and learn to count to 5 after that? I am glad to say, yes, yes they have learned and counted every time after that. 

To my D6 guys; Kiefer, I would like to thank you wanting to step foot into tournaments and putting together a fantastic roster. D6 wouldn't have been here without you. You kept everyone rounded up and motivated to play. I am proud that you were able to say you didn't know how it will work, but you will learn and you will do your best. Chris, the amount of knowledge you soaked in then spilled onto that field was impressive, you learned the key to being a solid all round player. You give the constant reminder to the guys on the field to move as a team. Nate, your drive to continue the point even if you last man alive, because you won't let the team take a loss point was amazing. Your growth in communication too, I was so amazed when I could hear you shouting from the pits. Koltyn, playing any position I give you, whether its snake or doritos and always killing it with a little bit extra at the end. Not going to lie, I was impressed when I told you to ghost, and you ghosted so well that I didn't even notice. Matthew, even though you only played one point, the support you show in the pits is amazing. To Tyler, you killed it out there and I want you to know that you were a fantastic player, you made it easy for Koltyn to beat up that d side or snake side no problem. To Caleb, who killed that snake, you made moves and adapted to every piece of information given to you. To all of D6, you made it so much easier for me in the pits. The way you guys soaked up everything I told you instantly and just executed everything perfectly was just outstanding. 

To all of the team, I am so proud of how you guys supported each other through the events. From D6 pitting for D5 and D5 pitting for D6, and even Karter in the pits though he doesn't fill pods. 

Ferdinand, thank you for soaking in coaching knowledge and driving the team to win.

Daniel, thank you for setting and organizing all those field times, and driving that party bus.

Ben, Kyle, and Eric, thank you for both staying and helping the team grow.

Jake and Christian, thank you for getting up early and setting up that field for practices.

Karter, thanks for holding those bunker caps.

Congratulations to a killer start and a killer end to the season.

- Vickie Trang